Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get yourself a backpack!

Well what can I say... someone made them fashionable again. But fashionable or not geek were always known to like their backpacks so there is no reason to stop now !Backpacks are comfortable, good for your back, and have plenty of space for your zombie attack survival kit!
Here are some of my favorite backpacks!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Body type: tall and skinny

So this is for all you tall and skinny guys out there that think that wearing an oversized T-shirt will make you look wider. The key is knowing what works with your body type and having the clothes tailored to your size.

It is really important to make sure your shirt are not too big and not too tight. stay away from V-neck T-shirts and when it comes to dress shirts choose the ones with a spread collar. You can also enjoy the optical illusion created by horizontal stripes that will make you look wider.

Do not be tempted by trying the skinny jeans trend, they will only accentuate your slim legs. instead wear straight cut trousers.

A great little trick is wearing structured jackets with a little built in shoulder pads, They will make you look wider. This body type is one of the few that can get away with wearing double breasted coats and chunky knits.