Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hoodie - conceal your secret identity or just get comfy

I must admit that when it comes to hoodies, I think they are the best when you hang out with your friends at home or at your favorite pub. Hoodies are comfy, soft and casual. And who am I to argue with Gandalf, Green Arrow and Luke Skywalker anyway :)

Here are some of the coolest hoodies out there!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Level up your sneakers


If you don't understand why you can't just go to work in your training shoes, this is a good start for you. These shoes are simple and casual.

   top left     top right     bottom left     bottom right


You want to experiment a little with shoes but still afraid of bright colors? you can find cool and urban sneakers that are still toned - down when it comes to color.

top left       top right       bottom left       bottom right


You say bring it on? that is exactly what you will get.

top left        top right       bottom left      bottom right

Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to groom yourself for a date

1) Cut your nails!!! you have no idea what a turn off is a man with long and dirty nails.
2) Shave. Girls like a man with smooth, clean face.
3) Cut your hair. Especially if you are balding. Persisting on growing your hair only makes thinning hair look even worse than it has to.
4) Shower and deodorant. Shower every day and using a deodorant is a must!

5) Perfume - don't. This may come as a surprise to you, I know, but people react differently to different fragrances. So even if you are using a perfume don't kill your date by spraying the whole bottle on yourself.

6) Smooth hands. Well, not freakishly baby smooth but consider using a hand lotion if your hands are constantly dry.

* By the way, are you all dying to see The Hobbit as much as I do?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Style trek

This time on style trek I picked out 3 outfits that are inspired by 3 of my personal favorite characters! 




Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meeting her parents

Are you nervous? you should be!
Meeting her parents is a big step and you want to show them that you deserve their little girl. Now is not the time to try out your cool zombie apocalypse T- shirt. In  this case you need to pull off a clean and neutral look to impress them.

Dinner at her parents' place

A light v - neck sweater with dark colored trousers are just the nice and minimalist look you need.

Dinner at a restaurant

Get a formal but yet approachable look with a light blue colored shirt (ironed!) and dark grey trousers.

barbecue at her parents' place

In this casual environment shorts and a short sleeve shirt is the right choice for you.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter is coming

Well, winter is coming and you better be prepared!
It's getting a little chilly outside. I know you are used to walk around in your comfy hoodie all winter but from now on you're gonna leave it at home and upgrade your outerwear. A jacket or a coat are essential pieces for your wardrobes in the winter.

Light jacket

When it's getting colder you can really use a jacket to wear over your shirt outside.

Leather jacket

Leather jackets are awesome. They have a major coolness factor as long as you make sure you can pull it off!. Although the biker jacket style is a classic, the china collar style is more flattering to a variety of body types.

Down Jacket

When it's really really cold, you have no option but to get yourself a down jacket. try to avoid at all cost the michelin man look.

Top coat

 It's the classic option for a more dressier look. You can choose the minimalistic look or take a risk with the military-influenced double breasted coat.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A geek's best accessory- the watch

A watch, gentlemen, is t-h-e accessory for you. This is the time to show your personality. Aside from the functional part there is no limit to cool  watch designs you can find today. 
You can find a minimalistic watch design that will show your sophisticated side.

A futuristic watch design is a favorite among the geeky men.

A retro looking watch is very trendy right now, so you can even rock some of your old watches if you find them…

If you are afraid of using color in your clothes, a colorful watch is a perfect to bring out your colors but in a moderate way.

don't be afraid to take a risk and show everybody your edgy side.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Style trek

This time on style trek I picked out 3 outfits that are inspired by 3 very famous characters.
Just pick your favorite and geek out!

Captain Lee Adama

jacket - plazma, T-shirt - bershka, trousers - celio, shoes - asos


jacket - pull&bear, T - shirt-bershka, trousers - h&m, shoes - bershka


coat - zara, T - shirt- h&m , trousers - h&m, shoes - zara

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What to wear on a date

Ok, so you met a cute girl. You exchange words for a few weeks now at the library, over the cubicle or in the game chat and already had the courage and asked her out. You may have a great armor in the game but you just can't wear it on a date.
I picked three outfits for you according to the location of your date.


A plain colored shirt and matching pair of trousers will always work.

shirt - bershka, trousers - zara, shoes - vans


Going to the movies is less formal and more casual, so you can wear jeans and a cool T-shirt.

T-shirt - bershka, trousers - zara, shoes - vans

Walk on the beach / picnic in the park

Gray denim is an excellent alternative to the usual denim and a colorful T-shirt will show your girl a more playful side of you.

T-shirt- threadless, trousers- H&M, shoes-Jiffa

Friday, August 24, 2012

five basic items to have in your closet

Dear geeks ,my first post, , is dedicated to those of you who are ready to make a change in the closet but do not know where to start. The first step in your new wardrobe is to find these five basic items that I'm going to show you here.


You can really go wild here. You should always have some colorful T-shirts in your closet and of course we geeks love our T-shirts, funny, cool and with prints related to our interests.



Finding a good denim is a difficult task. Make sure that you have a pair of dark colored denim, without any tricks and unnecessary low-rise.

Lee Cooper


I would start with black All-star Converse shoes or black Vans shoes that will work and fit with everything. If you have more guts than the sky is the limit and you can find all kinds of crazy shoes in many stores.



I highly recommend having a dark colored blazer. Wear over a printed T-shirt, you can create an urban look and with a buttoned shirt, you will be looking more presentable.

Pull and Bear


A blue buttoned shirt is good on more formal events or dates.

Pull and Bear