Sunday, September 16, 2012

A geek's best accessory- the watch

A watch, gentlemen, is t-h-e accessory for you. This is the time to show your personality. Aside from the functional part there is no limit to cool  watch designs you can find today. 
You can find a minimalistic watch design that will show your sophisticated side.

A futuristic watch design is a favorite among the geeky men.

A retro looking watch is very trendy right now, so you can even rock some of your old watches if you find them…

If you are afraid of using color in your clothes, a colorful watch is a perfect to bring out your colors but in a moderate way.

don't be afraid to take a risk and show everybody your edgy side.


  1. Loved the futuristic design, you forgot THE most amazing timepiece ever:

  2. another jem: